Our mission is to help create well rounded horses that are able to go on to do any discipline or job to achieve that perfect equine relationship.


Upcoming Events

January 22-26, 2018, TBA Clinic, FL
January 27-28, TBA Clinic, Ocala, FL
March 1-6, Pathway to Liberty Clinic, NY
March 10-15, Pathway to Liberty Clinic, MO
March 23-25, Road to the Horse, Lexington, KY
April 6-9, Can-AM All Breed Equine Expo, Markham, Ontario
April 21, Night of the Horse, Delmar, CA
April 27-29, Minnesota Horse Expo, St. Paul, MN
May 18-20, Obstacle & Trail Clinic, Midway, KY
May 26-27 Ground Control Clinic, Midway, KY
June 29- July 1, 2018, Riding Clinic with Josh Lyons & Dan James, Midway, KY
July 13-15, Breyerfest, Lexington, KY
July 23-27, M&M Horsemanship Clinic, Location TBA
August 10-15, Pathway to Liberty Clinic, Midway, KY
September 11-23, World Equestrian Games, Tryon, NC
October 4-7, Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover, Lexington, KY
October 26-28, Body Control Clinic, Midway, KY
November 3-8, Pathway to Liberty Clinic, Gainesville, TX

Double Dan Insider

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Join the Double Dan Insiders for $60 per year to have access to our online video library. There are videos covering multiple topics, problems, and the “How-To” to achieve the connection that the Dans have with their own horses. Plus, ONLY Double Dan Insiders have the chance to win a 6666 bred colt at the 2018 Road to the Horse along with 1 year of free feed and other gifts from our sponsors! Click here to become a member today!

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