Our mission is to help create well rounded horses that are able to go on to do any discipline or job to achieve that perfect equine relationship.


Upcoming Events

March 3-4, Intro to Liberty Clinic, Hilton Head, SC
March 10-15, Pathway to Liberty Clinic, MO
March 23-25, Road to the Horse, Lexington, KY
April 6-9, Can-AM All Breed Equine Expo, Markham, Ontario
April 21, Night of the Horse, Delmar, CA
April 27-29, Minnesota Horse Expo, St. Paul, MN
May 18-20, Obstacle & Trail Clinic, Midway, KY
May 26-27, Ground Control Clinic, Midway, KY
June 1-3, Clayton Fredericks Clinic, Midway, KY
June 29- July 1, Riding Clinic with Josh Lyons & Dan James, Midway, KY
July 13-15, Breyerfest, Lexington, KY
July 23-27, M&M Horsemanship Clinic, Location TBA
August 10-15, Pathway to Liberty Clinic, Midway, KY
September 11-23, World Equestrian Games, Tryon, NC
October 4-7, Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover, Lexington, KY
October 26-28, Body Control Clinic, Midway, KY
November 3-8, Pathway to Liberty Clinic, Gainesville, TX

Double Dan Insider

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