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Internship Program – Double Dan Horsemanship is proud to have taken many interns over the years and enjoys expanding their horsemanship, getting to know them, educating them, and helping them achieve their career ambitions. In fact, all of our current employees started out as interns. Please click HERE for more information about our exciting internship program.

School of Equine Performing Arts (SEPA) –
Do you have dreams of becoming an equine entertainer or performer?
Are you interested in a career as a clinician or trainer but don’t know where to start?
If so you have come to the right place. Dan James and Dan Steers are world renowned trainers, performers, and clinicians and now they are opening their doors to help you become one too. Through the School of Equine Performing Arts located at the Australian Equine Performance Center in Midway, Kentucky, Dan James and the DDH Team will teach various disciplines and methods of training including liberty horses, colt starting, reining, competition and more.

The Double Dan Horsemanship School of Equine Performing Arts aims to teach students how to safely train horses for high level performance and entertainments. Through SEPA students gain extensive hands on training and handling experience, one on one instruction, and personalized career coaching to equip them with the skills to safely perform the equestrian arts, grow their career, and manage their own business. Click HERE to learn more.

Employment – Double Dan Horsemanship is not hiring at this time. Please check back for current job postings.
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