Our mission is to help create well rounded horses that are able to go on to do any discipline or job and achieve that perfect equine relationship.

This history of Double Dan Horsemanship began in 2008 when Dan James and Dan Steers started performing together in the “Dan and Dan Show” showcasing their techniques at the El Caballo Spanish Horse Centre in Western Australia. In 2009, James and Steers relocated to New South Wales to begin incorporating liberty training into their work and during that time James and Steers officially founded Double Dan Horsemanship with the goal of turning their love of horses, exceptional training techniques, and interest in equine entertainment into an international phenomenon. Since then, Double Dan Horsemanship has performed in 9 different countries, been featured in more than 1000 live shows, and conducted training clinics all over the world. Today Double Dan Horsemanship operates one headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, USA and one in Tamworth, New South Whales, Australia. James and Steers continue to push the limits of horsemanship and entertainment with eye-opening clinics and exhilarating performances wowing audiences near and far, and educating horsemen and women everywhere they go and they do it all…


For the Love of the Horse.