DDH Training & Management

Certificate Program

Located at the:

Australian Equine Performance Center in Lexington, Kentucky
Proud home of Double Dan Horsemanship, USA


Apply TODAY! Limited spots available. APPLICATION DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 28, 2022

The DDH Training & Management Certificate program currently offers the following full-time certificate program. A part-time certificate program is coming soon.


The full time DDH Certificate program runs for 5 weeks from June 13, 2022 – July 15, 2022. During this time participants will be learning hands on Monday-Friday from 9:00 – 4:00pm with time for lunch.  On the weekends students will have use of the facilities as available to work on various exercises, projects and assignments.


The DDH Training & Management Certificate program includes the curriculum outlined below.


Through this program participants will train under Dan James of Double Dan Horsemanship as well as other trainers and professors from around the world. To learn more about the goals, intentions, and history of this program please CLICK HERE to check out a recent informational video.


Everyone who successfully completes the DDH Training & Management Certificate program will receive the following:

  • A Double Dan Horsemanship Certificate of Completion
  • Recognition by Double Dan Horsemanship on social media

In addition to the multi-discipline training experience, those who complete the DDH Training & Management Certificate program will have their own:


  • A working, custom made website for their business
  • Personalized business plan or professionally edited resume
  • Set of personalized marketing materials
  • 1 Promotional video
  • Promotional photo from one equine photo shoot




What makes the DDH Training & Management Certificate program different from other certificate programs?


DDH Training & Management Certificate program from other training/educational programs. They include our:


  • Small class size
  • One on one training guidance
  • Extensive hands on experience
  • Diverse riding experience
  • Individual instruction from Dan James
  • The opportunity to be trained in numerous equine disciplines (Liberty, Young Horse Education, Long Lining, Body Control Under Saddle, Basic Reining, and Basic Dressage)
  • Personalized business and career coaching from Dr. Elizabeth James
  • Opportunity to learn farm management skills including: operating equipment, driving a truck & trailer, basic farm maintenance & repair
  • Inclusion of critical career and business skills


What does the DDH Training & Management Certificate program cost?


The all-inclusive cost for the full-time 5-week DDH Certificate Program is $11,997.


Is housing available?


Yes. On-site housing is available. It includes a shared room at the Australian Equine Performance Center (where Double Dan Horsemanship is based), all utilities, free WiFi, and food. The cost of housing and food during the DDH Training & Management Certificate Program is included in the program cost.


Do I have to live at the farm?


No. You are welcome to live off-site. Housing is available but not required.


Do I need to bring a horse?


No.  Double Dan Horsemanship will supply horses for the Certificate Program if you are unable to bring one of your own.


Can I bring a horse?


Yes. The all-inclusive program cost includes board for one horse during the 5 week course. The board includes a stall, bedding and turnout as available. It does not include feed. You will be responsible for supplying your own feed and caring for your horse.


What do the various DDH Certificate Program assignments involve?


The assignments for DDH Certificate Program participants vary for each participant and are intended to help them achieve their own career and business goals. Double Dan Horsemanship is deeply committed to the success of every participant regardless of where they are in their career. The assignments for the DDH Certificate Program are personalized for each participant based on what they want to achieve and learn. For example – those seeking employment in the equine industry will compete assignments that will help them build their resume, learn how to write strong cover letters, and improve their job-interviewing skills. On the other hand, participants who already have or wish to start their own business will complete assignments that will help them write a business plan, create personalize promotional and marketing materials, and develop their own business budget.



At Double Dan Horsemanship we are committed to producing graduates who accomplish their goals – in the industry, in their horsemanship, in their training, in their careers and in their businesses. Our goal is the success of each and every DDH Certificate Program participant and it is with that goal in mind that we have designed a curriculum that will teach, develop, and strengthen the skills individuals actually want and need.


5 Week Curriculum


The full time DDH Certificate program runs for 5 weeks from June 13, 2022 – July 15, 2022. During this time students will be learning hands on Monday-Friday from 9:00 – 4:00pm with time for lunch.  On the weekends students will have use of the facilities to work on various exercises, projects and assignments.


Training Content

(The majority of course time each day will be dedicated to training.)

  1. Young Horse Education
  2. Liberty Training
  3. Long Lining
  4. Body Control Under Saddle
  5. Ground Control
  6. Obstacles & Trails
  7. Basic Reining
  8. Basic Dressage


In addition to learning and practicing Training Techniques, the following topics will also be covered during the DDH Training & Management Certificate Program:


Horse Health Management

  1. TPR (Equine Temp, Pulse, & Respiration) evaluation
  2. Basic Equine Nutrition
  3. Basic wound care
  4. Basic hoof care
  5. Daily health checklist


Farm Management Content

  1. Equipment operation – Tractor, mower, manure spreader, arena drag, weed eater, chain saw, power tools, etc.
  2. Basic farm repair
  3. Fixing fence
  4. Repairing waters
  5. Pasture management
  6. Waste management
  7. Truck & Trailer
  8. Hook-up
  9. Unhook
  10. Back
  11. Driving


Business Management Content


  1. Building a professional business website
  2. Developing a Business Plan
  3. Budgeting & Price setting
  4. Equine Specific Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Designing Marketing Materials


Creating Promotional Content


  1. Video – equipment, producing, editing
  2. Photo – equipment, designing shoots, editing
  3. Career Content
  4. Professional resume development
  5. Cover letters

There is a one time, non-refundable $50 application fee. Once the fee is paid your application will be reviewed. If you are accepted to the program the $50 will be applied towards the program cost.


If you have any questions please email: Elizabeth@doubledanhorsemanship.com