Liberty Level 1

Pathway to Liberty Online Series Level 1- The Foundation

In Level 1 you will learn how to build the solid Liberty foundation needed for more advanced Liberty training.This Level includes 7 videos in which Dan James shows you step-by-step how to teaching your horse mark training, how to start a horse working around you at Liberty, how to teach them to change directions, and how to start integrating cues. Dan demonstrates numerous exercises using both beginning and advanced Liberty horses to show you what to expect, what the progression looks like, where to stand in relation to your horse and how to use your body effectively. Dan also discusses common problems you may encounter along the way and how to correct them.

There is no skipping Level 1, it is the basis of everything else you will achieve on the Pathway to Liberty.

NOTE: The Pathway to Liberty Online series is seperate from the Double Dan Insiders program. In order to access the Pathway to Liberty Online training videos, you must purchase access to each level from our online store.