Liberty Level 2

Pathway to Liberty Online Series Level 2- Body Control

In Level 2 you will build on the foundation established in Level 1. In it Dan James will walk you step-by-step through how to control a horse’s speed, distance, and body at Liberty. Part 1 of this 2 part series will show you in detail how to teach the stop cue. The stop cue is not only essential to working a Liberty horse around you, it is also the starting point for everything from teaching the laydown to working a Liberty horse from a ridden horse to teaching the rear. In part 2, Dan shows you how to improve on the Liberty foundation built in Level 1 by teaching how to control the size and speed of your horse’s circle. In these videos, Dan shares in detail the progression through Double Dan Horsemanship’s Liberty training techniques as well as what to expect when using them. He also demonstrates specific exercises and explains both when and how to use them.

After completing Level 2 you will be ready to learn how to work multiple horses from the ground or from the ridden horse, or maybe both!

NOTE: The Pathway to Liberty Online series is seperate from the Double Dan Insiders program. In order to access the Pathway to Liberty Online training videos, you must purchase access to each level from our online store.