Teaching the Rear

Pathway to Liberty Online Series- Teaching the Rear

How to teach a horse to rear is one of the most common requests Double Dan Horsemanship receives…and now it is all available to you on your phone or computer!

In Teaching The Rear, Dan James teaches you step-by-step how to correctly teach a horse to rear using the safest technique for both horses and humans. Building on the stop cue learned in Level 2, this video will not only show you how to train your horse to rear on command but will also demonstrate how to do it on the ground, at Liberty, from different positions, at varying distances, and with a rider on the horse.  If you’ve ever wanted to teach a horse to rear or simply want to learn how it is done this video is for you!

NOTE: The Pathway to Liberty Online series is seperate from the Double Dan Insiders program. In order to access the Pathway to Liberty Online training videos, you must purchase access to each level from our online store.